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Bluetooth headset

1. The slow rebound effect, the elastic is too large, prevent noise earplugs expands oppression outer skin, can cause ear swelling, ear pain and discomfort; Elastic is too small, closely contact with external auditory canal, sound insulation effect is reduced. So must watch earplugs rebound speed, rebound the longer, the better the quality. 2. Soft, soft degree directly affect the earplugs wearing comfort. 3. The surface texture, and some earplugs feels sticky, wear will stick in your ear ear skin, should try to avoid buying. Is the best way to identify the two earplugs firmly stick together and then separated, see their separation time, the sooner the better, except wax pill and silicone earplugs. 。

In terms of bluetooth headset radiation, no damage to the human body is, the bluetooth headset is not directly eliminate cell phone radiation, but through bluetooth headset separate the contamination from the body, so as to avoid a possible dangers of mobile phones on the human body. Bluetooth headset only a small percentage for mobile phone radiation values, almost negligible, can be at ease use. But in terms of the headphones itself, long-term wearing has some damage to the body. Use headphones phone or music for a long time, as a result of the eardrum with headset vibration distance is very close, small and concentrated, the scope of sound waves to eardrum auditory nerve stimulation is bigger, easy cause dizziness, tinnitus, hearing, hard of hearing, etc.; If listening to several even ten hours straight, may also appear sudden deafness. Earplugs to external auditory canal can cause chronic stimulation, cause ear inflammation; In addition, wearing headphones, time is too long, spirit will always is in nervous condition, also is bad for health. So should avoid long-term use headset, bluetooth is not exceptional also, such as intermittent when you use And not too loud just it is good to hear you don't listen to, in the noisy crowded place that will enhance the volume due to can't hear you. Should listen to headphones only wear one, in the other ear to listen to listen to a period of time it will reduce the impact on the hearing. 。

The use of the bluetooth headset

A charging, When they leave the bluetooth headset battery is not fully charged. In order to fully activate cells, the former three six to eight hours. After each time charge 1-2 hours. Charging indicator light is bright red, that electricity is full of lights (individual headphones with blue light or a green light, instruction will be marked). To battery life to achieve the longest, it is only to charge when the battery is low. General battery charge of about 500 times a year. Is the normal service life in 2 years. Full of electric standby time 2-4 days, when the phone is normal use 1-3 days, call the relative will be shorter.

General how long is the life of a bluetooth headset battery?

The length of the bluetooth headset battery life is mainly based on the battery quality. General bluetooth headset can't replace batteries, bluetooth headset is used lithium batteries. Good quality wireless bluetooth headset battery can use time is usually 2 to 3 years. Poor quality of the wireless bluetooth headset battery can use time is usually 1 or so. Can pay attention to protect good battery at ordinary times, can reduce the battery wear. Bluetooth, for example, can turn it off when charging, charging bluetooth don't make a phone call when charging, etc. 。

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